I can develop an expandable website with either WordPress or Weebly you for $495.  Joomla websites start at $795.  I will go over the mechanics of running a website as part of the development process.  After I’ve helped you build the new site, you may decide that you can continue to maintain the website yourself; otherwise I am available to help you on an ongoing basis if you desire.

My entry level websites include up to 10 pages of text (up to to 1,000  words total).  I can also post up to 15 images you supply and will help edit them, layout and navigation, a contact form, 20 keywords & phrases,  plus two hours training of site management for client.  Videos supplied by you would be extra to build into the website. I find it’s usually best to upload videos to websites such as YouTube or Vimeo and then it can be played on your website without concerns about server compatibility etc.

The base $495 pays for 15 hours of my time which includes instructions to you and all email contact.  After that my hourly fee is $35.

For domain purchase information, please review my Domain page.

Special Offer for Photographers:

I am currently developing a ready-to-customize photographer’s website including domain for $995:  This is a domain that was chosen for its historical significance, explained here on Wikipedia.